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Why and how have I found the best vehicle of transformation

The upper picture is me at 2018 : struggling with a terrifying skin disease right after handing my PhD (about group therapy), while taking a break from the intensive life of psychologist and researcher career. I was looking for ways to ease my pains and chronic disease, and I took a huge journey in California, ending up as a yoga and mindfulness trainer. I realized that I can't continue living a life ignoring the stress and maintaining bad habbits, and I found out that the only way to live in accordance with my values, is through cultivating self-awareness and self-regulation techniques. These are best enabled through a persistance and commited regularly practice of both the body and the mind, which yoga offers. Thanks to this journey I got healed and took me more than a year of recover, but it's a full (miraculously) recovery! When we moved to Konstanz, three years ago, I started teaching therapists, educators and academics - yoga and mindfulness - in universities and research institutions internationally.

These days, apart from working as a mindfulness therapist- i found the perfect Yoga studio : YogaGluck (Schobuliweg 2, Konstanz), and started my own sessions. In my yoga teachings I weave mindfulness and other resilience enhancing techniques, in order to enrich the community with self help beneficial tools.

If you want to give this a try - just sign in here.

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