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Let me tell you about me

I'm an educational psychologist and mindful yoga teacher, and I specialize in mental resilience, mindfulness and the well-being of the educational community: academics, educators and parents.
Having worked as a researcher and as a psychologist in schools, kindergartens and private clinics, I now give international workshops for universities, lab groups, organizations, and clubs. I also provide individual consulting and psychotherapy. In my sessions, I aim to increase mental resilience and happiness among my clients.

My personal growth

After working as an educational psychologist in Israel for over ten years, I finished my PhD and took my family to a new life. With two children and a very advanced pregnancy, we moved to California, leaving everything we knew for a new adventure. After my third boy was born, I developed a chronic autoimmune skin disease, which caused me great pain and made me fear for my and my family’s future. I had to find a way to cope with all these intense emotions while caring for a new baby and helping my other two children adjust to a new world.

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That is when I decided to deepen my mindfulness and enhance my yoga practice, and I began taking mindfulness and yoga teacher training courses at both the Spirit Rock Retreat Centre and in local San Francisco and Davis studios. After more than a year of struggling and an intense personal journey of finding my own powers – and against all the statistics that the doctors gave me – I was fully recovered. This experience pushed me to create workshops for emotional self-regulation and mental resilience, in order to help others overcome their own challenges by finding their inner powers.

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