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Counselling, therapy,
mindfulness and parenting

Expat consultations

From challenge to resilience

The term "third culture" refers to people who live as expats: because our identity is no longer exactly our culture of origin, nor exactly our new host culture, we develop our own, third culture. Living in a third culture has specific advantages as well definite and well-researched challenges. In my consultations, I share the current research and best practices for third-culture families as filtered through my own personal experience and struggles. I strive to teach third culture residents coping techniques and other behaviours they can use to increase their own resilience, especially during the lonely periods of transition!

Parental consultants

Being a parent is hard. Raising resilient and competent children is a great challenge at any time, but nowadays, in times of COVID-induced uncertainty and anxiety, this challenge is tremendous. Sometimes we feel frustrated and we need someone external to our family to lend a hand. My way to assist parents lies on dynamic psychotherapy exploring past relationship; Psych-education about children's needs. Alongside with contemporary evidence-based methods, such as cognitive-behavior analysis, positive reinforcements; The mindful parenting approach - in which we cultivate compassion, acceptance, exploration of parents' values and techniques to improve our self-regulation and emotional managing abilities.

Child therapy

I primarily use play therapy when working with kids, although my emphasis changes with the needs of the child. Looking for the child's strengths is an empowering process that defines my therapy: if the child is connecting with animals, or afraid from it and wishes to - I turn to animal-assisted therapy; if the child is more into playing games, I use play-therapy ETC. When a child suffers from anxiety, I add tools from cognitive-behavioural therapy to our sessions, teaching the child techniques to efficiently relax and manage stress.

Mindfulness training

Mindfulness is the skill of being present in the moment non-judgmentally. It is an evidence-based method to relieve stress, pain, and anxiety and to create a functional and flexible mindset. In my consultations, I focus on creating a stress-free and accepting atmosphere in which we work together to find the practices that suit you best. I use breathing techniques from the tradition of yoga, exercises from the mindfulness-based stress reduction program, and positive psychology coaching tools.

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