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How to extend our attention spam?

First we need to understand what is attention, from a neuroscience perspective. Attention is a wave, it's spam usually around 25 minutes, and what helps to extend and sharpen these abilities is very individual - auditory, visual, quiet or noisy surroundings, active or quiet breaks range from 5-30 minutes and more.

Here you can find a balancing method of mindful-movement to strengthen our understanding of the mind-body relationship's contribution to the topic.

The ability to regulate and self control has neuro genetic bases and therefore is a biological trait. However it can be trained.

The reason mindfulness practice is beneficial here, is because when we focus on the here and now, we reduce the activity of the DMN -Default Mode Network (the noise in the background of our thoughts, the ruminating thinking about the past or worries about the future: 'why did I say this', 'am I good enough for that' etc).

Here you can find the Flash-light method on thoughts and different sensations.

After you practice, write down a reflection of how it affected your concentration abilities.

The myth of multitasking

Here's a Harward research about the connection between happiness and how focused are we, their conclusion was: “A human mind is a wandering mind, and a wandering mind is an unhappy mind”. Seems like we better move towards mono-tasking in order to bring back our sense of control and well-being,

An advice I normally share in my workshops for this matter and in order to improve our mindful monotasking, is to download the Mindfulness bell App. Then every time you hear the bell - you take a few moments to check the level of multitasking, take a few full deep breaths and check in where you are and what you truly need at this moment.

No mud, no lotus. no practice, no results.

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