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Yoga at Home

Soft Skills Workshops

Mindfulness, mental resilience, outdoor-education, psychological first aid
Support Group

Mindfulness for academics

This workshop teaches participants skills for reducing stress, increasing emotion-regulation and provides basic coping mechanisms to enhance participants' resilience and well-being. This workshop offers  3-12 weekly training sessions that integrate positive- psychology, life-coaching and mindfulness skills into daily academic life. Home assignments include guided meditations and worksheets that complement the in-class training and increase assimilation of the material.

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Similing Team

Mindfulness in organizations

These practical, experiential, and participatory weekly sessions teach participants useful self-regulation skills that enhance both personal resilience and professional productivity. The curriculum is based on current evidence-based practices of mindfulness, life-coaching and positive psychology and aims to improve the well-being of employees and work groups. The course is highly flexible and can be especially tailored for your organization, both in length and in content.

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Children Embracing in Circle

Socio-Emotional Group counseling for children and teens

Group counselling teaches kids mindfulness skills for better self-regulation, resilience, empathy and socio-emotional skills. Weekly meetings and group activities are especially designed for each age-group according to the students’ developmental requirements and the school's specific needs. The curriculum is based on my PhD research and programs such as “The Optimistic Child” by Martin Seligman and the "Call to Care" initiative of the Mind and Life Institute.

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Outdoor Class

Mindfulness outdoors for  educators 

In this seminar educators learn and experience the power of mindfulness and how working outdoors enhances social-emotional learning in children and teens.

I help educators increase their own self-regulation as well as providing lessons and activities for use with their students. This course can be designed for a single session or for up to 30 hours.

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Family Kayaking

Mindful Parenting

In this seminar, I provide a managed and empowering support group by combining my clinical experience in parental and educational psychotherapy, my experience with mindfulness training, as well as my own personal experience as a parent of 3 children. This workshop provides parents with current evidence-based techniques and tools for improving self-regulation, increasing compassion, and enhancing mindfulness for themselves and their families.

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