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Ori Harel

Ph.D. Educational-Psychologist
After years of research, fifteen years of working as a psychologist, and twenty years of yoga training; After living as an expat on three different continents and having three children of my own – It is now time to share some of my gathered experience and knowledge. Through my workshops and consultations, I'll help you walk towards your better life.

Areas of Expertise

Counselling, psychotherapy, group-counseling, parental-therapy, children--therapy and workshops.

I’m an educational psychologist and a mindfulness-yoga teacher. In my work, I combine these two passions and use mindfulness practices and positive psychology tools to increase mental resilience and happiness among my clients. I am trained in many different techniques, which I weave into sessions as needed:

  • CBT: Cognitive-Behaviour-Therapy

  • ACT: Acceptance-Commitment-Therapy

  • Narrative psychotherapy

  • Group psychotherapy

  • Play psychotherapy

  • Child psychotherapy

  • Animal-assisted-psychotherapy

  • Parental-therapy

  • Pedagogic-counseling

  • Outdoor pedagogy counseling

  • Using dream analysis, Tarot cards, and art

  • Mindfulness-counseling

Why do I love working with x-pats?

Living as an expat family on three different continents has filled me with the passion to research and discover ways to successfully raise third-culture kids. Throughout the years, I have worked with families in transitions around the globe and have realized that we all share similar struggles. Combining my studies about “third-culture-kids” with “mindful-parenting”, was both very beneficial for my family struggles and for the families I’ve been working with. I am especially motivated to work with expats because I have a deep personal connection with the difficulties of establishing life in a different culture, and because I feel and science shows - that after all the difficulties, there are ways to elevate the experience to its utmost.

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What people say

The awareness challenge
A program of daily morning guided meditationsand home assignments


"Ori took us digitally daily by her hand and through her warm voice we experienced a very welcome and special start in our work days. Personally, on me this experience has a long-lasting effect, towards training conscious pausing. Thanks to Ori we had between different people a short daily valuable exchange about something touching and influencing our well beeing. I wish this experience to spread."

Christiane Harmsen, Konstanz University,
Presenter of the Department for Equality, Family Promotion and Diversity

The power of acceptance and how to cultivate it

A talk from this year's Mental Health Awareness Week (MHAW 2022)
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